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do. it. yourself. A Rose Gold Crated Bookcase

Who would have known that a creation out of desperation would be so cute and useful!

I created this bookcase a year and a half ago and I am happy to report that it is still intact! Moving back home in 2017, I had no other option but moving into the smallest room in my house. My old bedroom had been converted into the guest bedroom with two twin beds. The room that I was offered had a bigger bed, yet smaller space. My mom was not willing to give me the bigger room because we would be having several guest during the holidays and she wanted to have a place to house our visitors comfortably. So I had no other choice but to get rid of the things I no longer needed and render a place to store the items I would be using on a day to day basis. Of course, I couldn't just put up anything, my creative juices just wouldn't let it happen that way. I started my search for a bookshelf, yet I didn't have $100 or more to spend on a good quality shelf. After a couple of google searches and Pinterest hunts I gathered all the info I could find and created this sturdy yet cheap plastic book case.

Here's what I used to create a functional yet beautiful focal point for a small room:

(All items were brought at Walmart)

6 Walmart Sterile File Crates: (sturdy and big enough to store books and journals) They were about $3.50 a piece/ any color will work

1 E6000 clear adhesive - $2.50 in the craft section

12 inch clear nylon cable ties (zip ties)- $3.99 for a pack of 100 (you only need about 16 pieces)

2 Colormaster Indoor/Outdoor Aerosol Paint 12oz-Rose Gold (I did about 2 coats)- $8.99 each



Here are the steps:

Put two plastic crates side by side, to make sure they are evenly aligned

After the crates are aligned loop and lock the zip at the top, center and bottom holes in crates.

Add two more plastic crates side by side and evenly aligned then, add zip ties to connect crate 1 and 2 with crate 3 and 4, loop and lock the zip ties to interconnect the crates vertically and horizontally.

Repeat these steps for crate 5 and 6.

Cut extra hanging cable ties for a more seamless look.

Use E6000 glue to seal the crates where they connect.

Clamp crates and let glue dry for at least 6 hours.

The final steps are to evenly apply spray paint inside, outside, sides and backs of crate. (For spray paint to not smear let paint dry in between coats).


You may want to use gloves, wear a hat and clothes that you won't mind getting dirty, the spray paint will stain your hands, clothes skin and hair.

I created this book shelf under $50 dollars

Hope you have as much fun as I did, creating this rose gold book case!

Until Next Time.

Your e-bestie,

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