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Create A Space You Love| Fall Edition

Moving back home into the smallest space avaliable, I was faced with the reality that the state of my surroundings had a great affect on my mood and my productivity.

My very small living space was for sleep, work, and creativity. In order to make this functional for me I had to maximize my space and keep things to a minimum.

When I see clutter, I started to feel stressed and suddenly my focus was on cleaning it all up instead of creating, grading, or resting.

When ever this happen, I have started using this as a signal from my brain that it's time to tidy up. To me the vision of my space needs to include clear surfaces that are clutter free.

Who knew that creating a vision of what you want your life and space to look like will get you there quicker.

I challenge you to ask yourself these three questions:

1) Am I willing to create a space that aligns with the lifestyle I envision for myself?

2) Is my current space functional?

If not, if I declutter, minimize, and purge out what I no longer want or need will it make it functional?

3)What does my ideal space look like, pull out you a sketch pad and start creating. (You might have to look at a couple of Pinterest boards, YouTube videos, Instagram hashtags and Tumblr blogs). Start shifting some things around, for me moving my bed and desk made a world of difference for me.

What ever it takes this fall the goal is to "Fall in Love With Your Space".

Until Next Time.

Your e-Bestie,

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