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How Was Your Summer?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

I was super eager for summer to get here, for sure. I really wanted to relax and do nothing, so I did.

How was your summer?

A question, I dreaded my entire childhood. This question always whistled the reminder that a new school year was ahead. In contrast, I would have no eventful stories to tell anyone. Growing up, we didn't do much during the summer, besides staying home and going to a free local summer camp. Now at 25, I enjoyed being in the comfort of my own home in the summer and chilling the heck out.

Riley would pull on my comforter during the wee morning hours, I would roll over, give his fluffy head a good tussle. I'd check my phone for any missed notifications, then I would roll over and continue to catch my Z's.

When I pictured this summer all I could think of is the coziness of things. How I could wake up after 11am and not have a long to do list waiting, or the urgency to have to check my emails. I could grab some coffee, lounge on the couch and catch up on my favorite Youtubers.

However, in less than a week all of this will be changing, school will be back in session and your girl will be back to having to keep her world in balance.

What I did this Summer?

I finally found a TV series I really liked.

Ava DuVernay is bomb PERIOD! After watching her direct the Netflix docu-series "When They See Us", I needed more of Auntie DuVernay. So, Queen Sugar became an instant must watch after my friend Natasha fill me in on why I should be watching it, like right now!

I got a dog.

The day before Memorial Day weekend I got my pup Riley. I love him so much, although much of our summer was dedicated to me watching training videos on YouTube and attempting to teach him the basics, I didn't really do so great. But he is a real charm. He just got his last round of booster shots and his rabies vaccinations, so on to the dog park and training classes we go.

Hung out with my mom alot.

My mom and I didn't really have an amazing relationship growing up. We were cool for the most part, and for that I'm super thankful. But I was a teenager, being a teenager. And my mom worked a lot. I went off to college at 17 and after graduating moved to Orlando for a while. Back in 2017, I moved back home, and now we were both adults, so we had to figure out how to rebuild from lost times and of course that can get messy. Almost three years later, I can attest that I miss her when she goes to work (gushy moment) and I wait up for her, like my childhood days till she comes home. On her off days, we have a ritual of drinking tons of coffee and chit chatting about literally everything.

Had a luxe wellness day.

For my cousin's Birthday whose expecting her first baby girl; we decided to celebrate her 27th by having a wellness day. We got facials, waxes, and massages. It was my first facial and massage and I was really satisfied with the results of both.

Found a Church Home.

For a while now I was in a limbo. I really wanted to be connected and committed to a church I’d be able to grow in and serve. I visited so many churches, this one finally felt like the one that made the most sense for me.

Found a Summer themed book series.

Jenny Han was responsible for the series I read last summer, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before". Han obviously did not disappoint, with her early fiction series, "The Summer I Turned Pretty". Two words, SO GOOD!

Made time to work on my website.

At the end of my summer I dedicated my evenings to going to a local coffee shop and giving this blog a much-needed tune up and face lift. I hope you guys see some of the improvements, updates and changes.

Ate out a lot.

From all of my eating out, I stumbled across two awesome goodies. The Impossible Burger from House of Mac and a Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich from Cream -- I get the Very Berry Strawberry and the Blueberry Cheesecake flavors.

Made time for the Kiddos.

My best friend's little sister became my church and brunch buddy. Sunday morning car rides and summer afternoon were dedicated to her and I hanging out. I always looked forward to Sunday's.

Had a girl's game night with my younger cousins and my friends’ little sisters. It was really fun, and they enjoyed being out of the house.

Although I wasn't bold enough to skate, Sophia and Serena learned how to on our first visit to Galaxy Skate World, it was epic.

Until Next Time.

Miss Jean

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