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March Favorites Beauty RoundUp

If I could only pick five! This would be my five. Now that's not an easy thing for a girl like me who just loves her some good stuff.

This is in no particular order.

Burberry- HER Eau de Parfum

Looking for a perfume that will ensure you get that, "OMG, you smell so good, what is that?", compliment every time. Burberry Her, is like the expensive updated remix to Prada Candy and Ariana Grande Cloud and also like the "little sister who tried", compared to the $300 Maison Francis Kurkdjian- Baccarat Rouge 540. I would categorize it as a baddie in the everyday scent category but not quite your heavy night time scent. Burberry Her, is super feminine, modern and will easily become one of my signature smells. It's that "pretty girl", smell that's chic and appealing.

FARSÁLI- Skintune Blur Serum

Auntie Jackie Jackie Jackie Ania, was who first introduce this product to me. It's what feels like her most mentioned product of all time. And when Jackie raves about a product more than twice it's time for me to go check out the hype. This is my second bottle and I know for sure that my sample size will soon be replaced by the standard 1oz. The Farsali Skintune, does a great job at making a little go a long way. Reaching my mid twenties made my once pore-less skin, go haywire and now my pores seem a bit more apparent than before. This cute jade bottle feels like it should be the beauty industry's best kept secret but because it's so good you just can't help but to share the magic in this product. On the days that I choose to keep it simple and not wear makeup this is my only step after cleansing and moisturizing. It brightens my face to gives me a healthy done up appearance. On days that I decide to wear makeup this holy grail gives my foundation a smooth canvas to work with. Honestly, unless they stop selling this stuff, I'm going to keep on buying it.

ABH- Blush Trio Berry Adore

If you haven't noticed already, I have very deep dark skin. And ever since your girl learned to beat her face, I stayed the heck away from blush. It's one of those products that can mess up a perfectly good slay in 1.5 seconds, if you're not careful. But as of lately, I was feeling a little adventerous and I decided to test it out. ABH Blush Trio in Berry Adore, is simply more pigment and less powder on your face which is worth every penny in that thirty dollars. Usually, with blush you either get dull and non existent or very apparent and granny-ish. So it's great to have a trio that is easy to build up on and long lasting. This product feels like having a personal size compact of fairy dust in your beauty room. It's definitely a win with me having darker complexion, this blush palette comes through on the pigment side of things. How I usually use it, is by swiping my brush over all three colors and lightly swiping it under my Fenty Moscow Mule highlighter. This blush is a fave!

MUFE- Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder Compact- Peach

This purchase had me so anxious, maybe it was the color of the finishing powder, paired with the name Peachy, it seemed like a promising result of ash and bad flashback. But honestly, the Sephora rep wasn't lying! She simply said, "girl, it works". I was really hesitant because this was the first time I checked out of a store not really knowing what the heck I was buying. This is a women of color approved finishing powder. No, you don't bake with it or you'll be super bummed out with the results. What this microfinishing press powder does, is it creates a snapchat like filter that gives you the blur your pores were begging for. It leaves my face looking matte without adding more color which is what I really love. I will keep on buying it again and again because my make up looks perfect all day long every time I use it.

Real Technique- Instapop Face Brush

The Real Technique Instapop brush has been a fave since "Hot Girl Summer", 2019! However as of lately, I've been grabbing for it like nobody's business. This brush evenly applies and blends out my foundation. The Real Technique brush knows what its doing all on it's own. The weight of this brush feels expensive when you hold it and feels like it should be so much more than $10. My foundation brushes in the past would leave me streaky and looking real patchy. This brush helps my Fenty Beauty Foundation look airbrushed against my skin with very little product . The extremely tapered slant of the brush is perfect for dabbing foundation onto parts of my face that need full coverage yet leaving the application seamless. I can understand why it took me going to three local Target's and a bunch of Ulta's to finally find a store with this brush in stock.

Hoping this beauty round up helps you on your next Sephora or Ulta run!

Until Next Time.

Miss Jean♡

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