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The Boyfriend's Ultimate Guide To Perfume Shopping

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

With less than a week till we deck the halls and everybody's gift still being at the store. I would like to help! Here's the perfect convenient guide for bae to get the exact scent for you. Girl, go ahead and drop this hint in his inbox before he gets swamped by the over zealous store clerks in Macy's.

I would like to preface this by saying that I understand that we are all going through a global pandemic. Christmas may be more stressful for everyone this year because of the times were living through. So enjoy your loved ones in this season. This guide can be used at anytime of the year not only for the holidays, but your anniversary, birthday or a little gift to yourself when you feel your pockets are right to splurge a bit.

If you are a perfume connoisseur like myself you've probably been waiting for the holidays to be gifted a new perfume. I know I am! Or maybe you want to welcome the new year with a new scent to match your new haircut, and fly wardrobe.I have smelled and tested a lot of perfumes over the years, so here are my suggestions on the perfect perfume to pair with your personality.

Chilled Bae

Your favorite homebody, who loves the comfort of her own space. If it ain't an emergency, you'll find her at the house catching up with her favorite true crime episode. She's one call away and your go to person to FaceTime and vent about your problems. She looks forward to the group chat's notification of canceled plans because she wasn't going anyway. When she does decide to step out it's going to be a small get together or kickback with her close knit friends.

Smells like: Gucci - Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, Marc Jacob - Daisy Eau So Fresh

Boss Bae

When this boss babe walks into the room everyone feels her presence. She's all about securing her bag. This girl boss is always up to something new and some may refer to her as a Jane of all trades. She's into networking events and gets most excited about learning fresh ways to be innovative and bring her ideas into fruition. She's unapologetic about her ambition and can be found having late night takeout and early mornings coffee dates. Rise and grind is apart of her genetic makeup.

Smells like:Versace - Eros Pour Femme, Dior - Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Burberry - Her

Sweet Bae

Everyone loves to be around this positive ball of joy. She has a way of rubbing her happiness on to everyone around her. Her positivity is inspirational. Whenever she's around it feels like sunshine. She's approachable and prefers the simpler things in life. Although she's considered rare nowadays, her sincerity, honesty, and generous soul makes her one of a kind.

Smells Like:Viktor & Rolfe - BonBon, Giorgio Armani - Si

Brunch Bae

Work be stressing her the heck out, so she looks forward to lit Saturday brunches, catching up with her girls and endless rounds of bottomless mimosas. She's into a little bit of everything and her mantra in life is that everything doesn't have to be so serious all the time. She is the adventurous one that will try everything at least once. She's everyones favorite lunch date and travel buddy and is always down to get a new stamp in her passport. Good vibes is her thing, and she just wants everyone to have a good time.

Smells Like: YSL - Libre, Lancôme - Idole, Viktor & Rolfe - FlowerBomb

Glam Bae

Being overdressed doesn't exist to her! She would rather be late and glamorous than on time and basic af. She always photoshoot ready and sis just doesn't miss a beat! There is two things glam bae won't miss, her nail or lash appointments. Her favorite outing is going shopping and checking out her IG feed. She's always complimented on how put together she looks. She's your down to earth bougie friend, that likes what she likes and isn't interested in what others think. She's observant and a great listener, and in tune with her femininity.

Smells Like:Maison Francis - Baccarat Rouge 540, Valentino Donna - Born In Roma, Lancôme - La Vie Est Belle

Turnt Bae

"Who all gonna be there?" is her favorite question. She just wants to have a fun outing and doesn't want any negativity to get in the way of that. She knows all the good dinner spots and turn up spots in the city. It doesn't matter where you go, she's always gonna run into someone she knows. The night is always a blur because its filled with so much laughter, shots of Don Julio and rapping every lyric of the City Girls. When she check her IG story the next morning there is always so many memories to look back at and laugh.

Smells Like: Gucci - Guilty, YSL - Black Opium, Tom Ford - Black Orchid

I can admit that I am a melting pot of these personalities and depending on the day of the week you'll find me in any one of these scents. Perfume is always so much fun and is definitely what completes the look and outfit. Hopefully your boyfriend will be able to read through this blog post and find your perfect paring. If you're single and mingling, "sis, the perfume is what they remember!"

★ Favorite of all time/top pick over everything!

Until Next Time

Miss Jean

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