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What am I Commiting To This Year?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I made it my tradition to pick a word that would be my over all theme and go-to for the next 365 days. For a while I was stuck on CONSISTENCY, actually to be honest for the past three years consistency was my greatest inner battle. I was good at starting things but not staying on top of them, and then they would soon dwindle into the pile of I'll get to it later--- but not really!

Although I haven't mastered consistency just yet I found a way to get the very same end goal, which is high quality--goal driven--productivity!

So drum roll please!

My word this year is to COMMIT!

The only way to truly get to the core of consistency is to commit to the grind and that BAG--- whatever that embodies.

Commitment births Consistency!

So here's my commitment list:

(I'm posting it on here so ya'll can keep me accountable)


1. posting on my blog at least twice a month

2. posting on youtube weekly

3. creating a podcast once a month

4. create an upload schedule and stick to it

5. weekly brain dumps-- to batch out fresh ideas for each platform

6. create a space that is engagement friendly on Instagram

7. shamelessly promote myself and brand

8.start that small group

9. weekend power hour- to clear out my to do list before the new week


1. stick to that budget

2. pick out a self care day and actually do some self care!

3. take yourself out on a date once a month

4. cook on a consistent basis that means go grocery shopping too!

6. thirty minutes a day of some type of physical exercise

7. get back to early morning devotions


9. go to church consistently

10. keep up with hair, nails, lashes--overall appearance by any means necessary!

Let's see how this goes! I'll keep ya'll posted. See you in 3 months for a check in!

Until Next Time

Miss Jean

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