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Carolina Cabin Fever is a luxurious marriage of fresh bamboo and smooth coconut. This prestigious refresher brings a spa atmosphere to any space.


Top: Spearmint, Pineapple

Middle: Bamboo, Green Floral

Bottom: Coconut, Coconut Milk




How to Use: The glow up is real with our carpet and rug refresher which eliminates odors that have been muddled deep down into your carpets, your couches, or mattress. Our high quality baking soda and fragrance oil  blend work together to brighten up your home by leaving a refreshing smell. Carpets take on a lot, from tracked in dirt to the dander from our messy fur babies. We only need 15 minutes to glow up your home scent and blast away unpleasant smells. Our home pantry formulated carpet refresher is naturally hard working but never harsh, we pinky promise. Non-toxic however non-edible.


Shake your container to break apart any clumps, pop open and sprinkle onto your desired carpet or fabricated area. Leave for 15 minutes and vacuum up.


Always test before using on a small hidden surface area.

Carolina Cabin Fever



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