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hey there!


i'm naderge

➳ I'm a virgo

➳ born on a tuesday in August

➳ a product of haiti

➳ miami native

➳ lover of fall evenings

➳ youngest of four siblings

➳ ambivert

➳ type b, ISFP-T, enneagram 8

➳ dog momma to a spicy yorkie named riley

➳ prefer road trips to plane rides

➳ lover of all things stationary

➳ got my master's in business at UCF

➳ forever a famu rattler

➳ a good start to a self care day would include: candles + fresh flowers

➳ a modern and minimalistic kinda gal

➳ rooting for everybody black

➳ small details and great aesthetics

➳ coffee + books are a vibe

➳creating a world where comfort and luxury is accessible for all black women

creating is kinda my jam

Now that you got to know a little bit about me in a nutshell here's why I decided to even start Hey Miss Jean:

i've always wanted to have an influence, i thought it would be in the classroom but after five passionate years i realized that the classroom limited my impact, i thought it would be in corporate america but it lacked space for authenticity. so, then there was the world wide web where everyone could create their own little pixelated space. welcome to mine, this little corner here is where black women dream bigger, dare to outgrow their fear and live a more fulfilled life. I pray that my influence to live a happier, healed, and vibrant life is beyond the realm of social media or the internet but that the transparency of every word spoken or written will push you a little closer to creating your dream life.

Miss Jean


sometimes I write things

creating videos make me happy

I have a lot of thoughts and I like talk about them

join our little corner of the internet

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