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Five Simple Ride or Die Tips| Reaching the Finish Line In 2019

We are officially at the sixth month mark of 2019! Can you believe it? I can still remember when I was raving about how this new year was going to be so different, how I was going to be super consistent and truly hit all my weekly goals. Girl, where? I struggled to find the formula that fit my life best and that would challenge me to really do this thing foreal, foreal. So, here is what I came up with.

Ask yourself "What do I want, after that seek your How and Why?

Then do these five things:

1) Have a plan.

In all things I have found that planning solidifies four things for me: It allows me to prioritize my work load. It cuts down work time, it ensures that I will get more done in less time. It helps me to produce the quality work that I love while keeping your girl disciplined.

2)Don't Be Lazy.

Your word is your bond! When you have made your mind up to commit to doing something, follow through, no matter what. Half of the reason why the feeling of laziness creeps up on me, is when I have a ton to do. A large workload seems unbearable. All of a sudden sleep or Netflix is calling my name. Chunk the Funk- whenever it seems too hard or too much, make a checklist and break that task up into smaller parts.

3) Be Consistent.

If every time you think about it, you cringe, then you might be doing it wrong. The secret sauce to consistency is to maintain your sanity and create a stress free environment. Small wins add up to big results. Our delays and pits stops may make the journey feel longer but the destination never changes.

4) Create a No Excuse Zone.

No matter what, or how long it takes, this task must be accomplished. Try your best to remove any potential excuse barriers that may come along the journey. "Excuses are just bad habits in disguise". I often have to remind myself that excuses are just a good way shift blame and save face from negative feedback. It changes nothing about the current task or circumstance, other than the fact that it makes you feel better than facing reality. Anytime an excuse wants to come knocking at your noggin, remember this "failures often come from people who have a good habit of making excuses".

5) Don't Give Up.

In a bubble, here's five for number five:

There is no such thing as an instant success.

If you quit early, you will never know.

The only true failure will be that you gave up.

My GOLDEN KEY IS PRAYER: I pray before for clarity, I pray during for hope + optimism and I pray after to show graditude.

The last few miles are always the toughest-- PUSH THROUGH!

Until Next Time.

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