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For the love of Gray!

L ately I have been learning to fall in love with the color gray.

Gray has a stigma of being classified as sad, stale and so boring! However, recently in my life gray has been going through a revolution.

Most of my friends say that I am not a “typical” Virgo. (Although, I don’t necessarily believe in horoscopes, I do believe that people born in the same month do share similar qualities.) I guess these friends of mine have come to this conclusion because, I don’t measure up to the one size fit all description. One main characteristic of a Virgo is that they usually function in black and white. It’s either this or that. There is no such thing as in between.

However, that “in-between”, is the space that I live in, the gray space in life.

I have chosen to reside in the unknown, unfamiliar and blurred lines. I am constantly moving. I am always ready to go on an adventure. I invariably start new chapters. And I, freely accept what life has to offer. In the gray I am forced to accept that fear and uncertainty exist; in the same instance, I am obligated let go of finding security and comfort. In this setting, it is okay, to not have it all figured out. This is a location, where you can get messy and creative. This "in-between" space is my happy place. It is the position Confucius speaks of, where knowing nothing, is to know everything.

The GRAY- is where I feel most connected to God.

It is where I can fine tune the Creator's voice. I believe that all of the greats in the Bible lived in the gray. Unsure of what was next but was willing to be obedient, simply because God said so. He said to Abram, "Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father's family, and go to the land that I will show you”. Noah built an ark for a flood but, a lake didn’t even exist nearby. David who was the smallest and youngest (perhaps the weakest), was chosen to kill a giant. Daniel was tossed in a den full of hungry lions and didn’t die. Jonah lived in the belly of a whale. Jesus’s twelve disciples were told to leave the life that they were used to and to follow him. Mary was instructed to carry a child although she was a virgin. A little boy gave up his five loaves of barley and two fish to feed five thousand. Jacob was a slave that turned into the ruler of Egypt. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were tied up and thrown into a blazing furnace. Through all of the stories in the Bible, they had to trust that God would be there with them; even when everything around them seemed to be unclear . You must believe that greatness is embedded in the gray.

Gray is choosing to have faith in all circumstances. It is consciously leaving the familiar to wander into the unknown.

Being in the gray causes you to be mindful. It is an uninterrupted space, that is full of possibilities. It is an area, where you must fall in love with the transitions. This is the spot for all the crazies, the misfits, the troublemakers, the rule breakers, who are insane enough to think they can change the world. I invite you to live in the gray.

Let’s press reset.

Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Let’s fall in love with the in between.

When you are living in the gray, you are living in the present.

The color of truth is gray.

Until Next Time.

Your e-Bestie,

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